Registrar of Voters: Election Results

Registrar of Voters: Election Results




Voting is Your • Duty • Right • Responsibility.

"The Registrar of Voters is responsible for conducting elections in the County of Orange...which receives funding from the County’s General Fund and periodic reimbursement from the federal government, the State of California and local jurisdictions.  We are responsible for all components of election management, including voter registration, Vote Center staff and location recruitment, ballot creation, voting system security, ballot processing and vote tallying, community outreach and education, and candidate services such as candidate filing and campaign finance." (Orange County Registrar of Voters)

Context.  Election results are understood by how and why the voters came to their conclusions.  It is important to look for voting patterns over time.  Voters often consider a candidate's policies, performance of officials, and characteristics of candidates.  Voters also think about party identification and the ideology of candidates.  Voting is also affected by social and demographic characteristics.  Additionally, electoral dynamics, such as economic conditions, war, and generational changes, have an affect on elections.  ("Voting Behavior", Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan)

Voter morality and intuition also provide insight into elections.  The level of voter intensity varies for Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/Betrayal, Authority/Subversion, Sanctity/Degradation, and Liberty/Oppression.  Voter altruism is another factor.  The level of intensity helps to identify where voters are divided.  (Haidt) 

The results of elections show where the People stand, the strengths of parties, movements, and organizations, corrections to make, and what opportunities exist.  

Visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters website for current and specific election results.


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