The Story of Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County

About Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County

LCROC was established on June 12, 1985 with the execution of our original Articles of Incorporation. The date of our first official meeting was March 2, 1986, yet that was the culmination of two years of private meetings, parties, discussions, and political efforts by a group of doctors, teachers, businessmen, and lawyers who all knew each other socially. Back in the '80s, being openly gay was taboo for members of both political parties. Many of our original members felt isolated socially, and were especially derided by some members of the gay community because of their more-conservative world views. 

Frank Ricchiazzi, who had started the Log Cabin Club of Los Angeles in 1977, was instrumental in helping us get started, attending our meetings and guiding us along in our political naivety. Some of the original members' names, some of whom have moved out of state or passed away over the years were: Dr. Don Hagan, Dr. Drew Barris, Alex Wentzel (our first President), Robert Helms (our first Treasurer), John Sanders, Dick Anderson, Len Olds, and Hugh Rouse.

The initial reaction of the Republican Party in the county was quite negative. Some of the Republican elected officials of that day made a career out of denouncing homosexuals. These included Assemblyman John Lewis, US Congressman William Dannemeyer, and Chairman Thomas Fuentes - all relics of a bygone era.

Through the years and many battles (both against those relics and ignorant far-left bigotry), LCROC became a home for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and even transgender community who are right-of-center in their political beliefs. Many of our members have met like-minded friends, and even their life partners, from one of our meetings. As the third organized Log Cabin Club in the State of California, we continued our fight for LGBT rights on a continuous basis and are now an active part of the Republican mainstream. Today, we continue that fight and are blessed to have many Republicans (including elected officials) among our allies and members.

LCROC proudly supports:

  • Respect for life and family
  • Cultural, constitutional, and legal protection of free speech
  • Small government and lower taxes
  • Strong national defense
  • Religious liberty
  • Free and fair trade
  • Strong foreign policy, with a focus on decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide
  • Educational opportunity
  • Individualism
  • Reagan-esque inclusiveness and optimism

If you've read our story and want to know more, please join us at one of our upcoming meetings! You have a home at LCROC.