Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County Board Retreat

Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County Board Retreat

From left to right: John Merrill, treasurer, Jesse Bluma, president, Anthony Johnson, vice-president, and Brendon Moeller, interim-secretary.


LCROC has exciting events and opportunities ahead. The board met on Sunday, February 4, 2024 to plan events for the year.  Board members will now work to implement the plans, organize political events, arrange community volunteer opportunities, and provide helpful resources to support the membership.  

In general, board members govern the chapter, maintain oversight, work to make decisions, represent the membership, and honor the founding purpose of LCR.  The chapter board of directors maintains regular communication and has at least four board meetings throughout the year.  There are also interim discussions and meetings held via email, text message, and conference call that occur on an as-needed basis. 

If you are interested in serving as a board member, helping on a chapter committee, or volunteering, please email us.  Here’s a sample message: “Dear LCROC Board, I have been a member of LCROC for ____ years and participate in most events, such as _____.  I have also helped to _____.   Given my passion for the mission of LCR and my expertise in [area of expertise], I would like to discuss leadership opportunities with you.  Sincerely, _____"


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