Game Night: So Much Winning

Game Night: So Much Winning




A fantastic time at our Game Night on Wednesday, September 14, 2022.  It was a great event with members and an opportunity to hear from candidates Scott Baugh and Eric Ching. 

Thank you to our host committee members for our Game Night.

 •Brad Alewine 
 •Rick Amborski
 •Jim Brophy
 •Andrew Hinek
 •Andrew Hom
 •Doug Kirk
 •Luxman Nathan
 •Len Olds
 •Hugh Rouse
 •Mel Stein

Also, thank you to the gracious members, Mark Spratt and Matt Holland, that welcomed our event at their home.

Here at LCR OC we value each and every one of our supporters and appreciate all the help to make our events happen.  With your support, we are able to make events possible to hear from speakers, candidates, and officials throughout the year. Log Cabin Republicans have a proud history of building a stronger, more inclusive Republican Party.

You are truly making a difference for LCR OC.