LCROC at the UNDIVIDE US Film Premiere

LCROC at the UNDIVIDE US Film Premiere

Left to right: Senior Account Manager at Iron Light Nico Zviovich, LCROC Interim Secretary Brendon M., and LCROC President Jesse B.




LCROC helped to host a special screening of UNDIVIDE US on Monday, April 15, 2024 in Irvine, California.  

"The audiences for this film are everyday Americans, leaders, and organizations who are looking to break the narrative cycle of toxic division and build bridges within their local communities. We will reach these audiences by hosting screenings in partnership with a network of state and community-based think tanks, key nonprofit organizations, civic groups, educators, and concerned citizens.

Our distribution strategy will emphasize the film's call to action: that we must put toxic politics in its place and reclaim our ability to engage in important conversations where dialogue is open, respectful, and thoughtful.

UNDIVIDE US challenges the idea that citizens who disagree are not capable of civil conversation and demonstrates the truth that, even in our differences, the American experiment is still alive and well.

It exposes the power players in Washington DC as the true disruptors of peace, driving our legitimate differences to the brink of disaster. Hear from experts about the roots of this toxic polarization and learn how to counteract it in our local communities and lives.

Aiming to awaken the silenced majority that seeks solutions rather than strife, UNDIVIDE US is not just a documentary; it’s a timely and urgent plea to reclaim the nation’s soul through self-governance, open discourse, and civic engagement." (UNDIVIDE US)

The post-screening discussion was led by Kristi Kendall, the film's director and Carrie Conko, the film's producer. 



P.C.: Nico Zviovich; UNDIVIDE US

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