Twenty Years of Legal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in the United States

Twenty Years of Legal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in the United States




According to the authors of "Twenty Years of Legal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in the United States", "...the United States was divided by heated debates over legalizing marriage for same-sex couples...The evidence review revealed that for LGBT individuals and same-sex couples, their children, and the general U.S. population, the benefits of access to legal marriage for same-sex couples are unambiguously positive...The new analyses found no evidence for a retreat from marriage; in fact, there was evidence for a possible 'increase' in marriage resulting from legalization of marriage between same-sex partners..." (RAND).

The report demonstrates the significance of marriage, the benefits for families, neighborhoods, and the track record of success of same-sex couples.  Fact-based stories, reviews, and analyses were utilized to prove the positive consequences of same-sex marriage.

The authors of the report studied the impacts of legal same-sex marriage, the impacts on children, communities, marriage rates, and attitudes in the general public.  These complex and deep questions built upon previous studies and are a fascinating read.  Visit here for the full report


The RAND corporation is a "nonpartisan think tank whose original focus was national security.  It grew out of a research-and-development project (its name is a contraction of 'research and development') by Douglas Aircraft Co. for the Army Air Force in 1945"  (RAND Corporation). 


Log Cabin Republicans is the largest organization representing LGBT Republicans and allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality for all Americans.

February 11, 1967: Demonstration at The Black Cat Tavern, Los Angeles, California. A protest was held in response to a New Year's raid on the tavern and charges against patrons...

November 1, 1978: Former California Governor Ronald Reagan's editorial letter in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner is published. Reagan defended the constitutional rights of California teachers and denounced an initiative by State Senator John Briggs (Proposition 6). The initiative proposed the termination of teachers for "public homosexual conduct". The proposition was defeated at the ballot box with 58.4% of voters in opposition. (California Ballot Measures Database)

The official date of our founding was March 2, 1986, yet that was the culmination of two years of private meetings, parties, discussions, and political efforts by a group of doctors, teachers, businessmen, and lawyers who all knew each other socially. LCROC was established on June 12, 1985 with the execution of our original Articles of Incorporation.

Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County promotes a better future through fact-based information, commitment to our membership, reason, expertise, and experience. 



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