Keeping a Promise: a Benefit to Rescue "Max" from Afghanistan

Keeping a Promise: a Benefit to Rescue "Max" from Afghanistan

About the mission for "Max":

Imagine being told you would be kept safe, after dedicating your life to helping Afghanistan rebuild from the Taliban nightmare. And then, in the matter of days, your ally leaves you without a plan to fulfill their promise. Meanwhile, you know the Taliban is looking for you. They know your name, what you look like, and you're on their list.

And you would know a little about what it's like to be one of those Allies left behind, like Max.

We've brought you his story over the past few months. With the world focusing on the savagery happening in Ukraine, we don't want anyone to forget about those the Biden Administration left behind in Afghanistan only 6 months ago - including US Citizens, Afghan allies, and others. It's a promise that the US Government made. And even though the Biden Administration is abandoning that promise, we want to help keep it.

That's why LCROC is hosting an event to benefit Max. We've teamed up with Legend Group to plan and hold this event. We were brought into the circle of the amazingly brave "Legend". His family was stranded in Afghanistan, and struggled to get any help from Biden's State Department. And they weren't the only ones - many brave men and women were left behind there. He and others stepped up to do what's right. And they need our help.

The rainbow is a symbol with multiple meanings. To LGBT people the rainbow used to symbolize tolerance (the Left simply co-opted the symbol, like the always do, to mean something very different now). To many Christians, Jews and Muslims, the rainbow symbolizes the Covenant of God - a promise kept until the end, and humanity's responsibility to God for fulfilling that promise. LCROC believes that the rainbow symbolizes both. That's why we encourage you to donate toward keeping that promise for Max - even if our government won't. Come join us for an evening of hors d'oeuvres, your favorite cocktails, and an unbelievably stunning sunset over the cliffs, all for a good cause.

Event info:

Saturday, April 2nd, 6-9pm

Private residence in Laguna Beach, CA

(registrants to be sent location prior to event)

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to be served

Street parking available


LCROC suggests the following minimums as a donation to LG Group, for the benefit of Max:

$75, for current members of LCROC

$100, for guests and other invitees

Donations may be made at the link below, where you can also learn more about the Legend Group and their mission. Please enter "Max" in the donation comments: 

After you've made your donation, we kindly ask that you also RSVP for the event at our link at the bottom of the page (so we have an accurate guest count and can forward you the event address).


We are so fortunate to have filled all of our event sponsorship opportunities! The members and friends who support LCROC are truly amazing. A big "THANK YOU!" to our generous sponsors who have so graciously stepped up to help us pay for the cost of holding the event. We encourage those who are still interested in helping the event be a success to consider donating directly to the Legend Group.

Bartender Sponsorship Luxman Nathan
Hors d'oeuvres Sponsorship John Kristianson
AV Equipment Sponsorship Omar Qudrat
Refreshments Sponsorship Jim Brophy


Do I need to donate to attend your event?

  • No. Thanks to our generous sponsors, the event is free. However, we're asking members and guests to consider donation to Legend Group in lieu of an entrance fee. We ask that you consider this as a minimum donation for attending the event, but everybody's financial situation is different. LCROC is a non-profit Social Welfare organization, which prohibits us from collecting money for non-profit Charitable organizations like Legend Group.

Where will the event be held?

  • The event will be held at a private home in Laguna Beach, CA. The venue has one of the MOST beautiful sunsets in Orange County. Because there is a need for security due to the sensitive nature of Max's situation, and because LCROC members and event attendees have been the target of malicious Far-Left bigotry in the past, we will be announcing the venue location approximately 24 hours before the event. 

Will we get to meet Max?

  • We will be playing videos of various discussions with Max. The security situation is always a concern in Afghanistan. But one day soon we are confident we'll be able to meet him!

How do we know this is a legitimate cause and not a scam?

  • LCROC Board members have spoken to Max via livestream. The event has been spearheaded and planned by LCROC members. You can also check out Legend's story on the Legend Group's webpage, where he was featured on Hannity, among other venues. It's as real as it gets.

Why are you taking sponsorships if there are donations?

  • The short story is, it has to do with tax exempt status and our overly complex US Tax Code (cue the eyerolls). LCROC is hosting the event, for the benefit of Max. LCROC is paying for the costs of hosting the event, with the generous support of sponsors. Donations are being accepted for costs directly associated with safekeeping and extracting Max. All donations collected online and at the door go directly to Legend Group; LCROC does not receive any of these donations.

If I can't attend your event, may I still donate?

  • Yes, absolutely! You can follow the donation link above, and be sure to let them know the donation is for Max.

Is my donation tax deductible?

  • Legend Group is a charitable non-profit organization. We can't offer tax advice; it is wise to always consult your tax professional when it comes to tax deductions.

Where can I learn more about "Legend" and his story?

If you have any trouble with donations or registration, or do not receive an email with the venue location by the evening of Friday, April 1, please contact John C. Merrill at [email protected].

April 02, 2022 at 6:00pm - 9pm
Private residence in Laguna Beach, CA
Google map and directions
John Merrill · · 9496988228

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