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From an early age John has dedicated his life to public service and community-centered volunteering and work, including a wide range of committees, boards, and governing bodies. Mr. Merrill earned a Bachelor’s degree in Construction/Civil Engineering from Western Michigan University in 2001 and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2005. His most influential public service role has been as Board member and Vice President of Copper Creek Homeowners Association, a gated community with 600 single-family houses, which he helped rescue from the verge of insolvency to become one of the most well-managed and respected private communities in Southern Nevada. He also recently served two terms as a member of the City of Costa Mesa Bikeway and Walkability Committee. His latest endeavor is serving as Chairman of the California Log Cabin Republicans PAC.

Mr. Merrill first entered the transportation engineering field in 2000, after working several summers for a rural electric company as a field engineering aide and drafter. He worked with Michigan Department of Transportation in regional transportation planning, as well as active transportation design, where he found his passion - keeping America moving. He went on to work on both transportation design and planning projects spanning 6 states. John is both a California Professional Civil Engineer and Traffic Engineer, and in 2011, served as the engineer in responsible charge of the nationally recognized “Carmageddon” closure of the I-405 Freeway in Los Angeles. Mr. Merrill is currently a Senior Project Manager and Planning Practice Lead for LIN Consulting, Inc., a local Southern California Traffic, Civil, and Electrical design firm.

John and his husband Jorge live in sunny and energetic Costa Mesa, California with their three dogs Dexter, Roxie and Quetzi. Both John’s and George’s hobbies include dog rescue, music, gardening, home improvement, and travel.

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