Christmas Party and Annual Meeting

Christmas Party and Annual Meeting


Thank you to our membership, guests, and local officials for attending our Christmas Party and Annual Meeting on December 4, 2022.  We had a wonderful dinner with members, friends, and guests.  A time to give thanks, recognize our shared accomplishments, report on the year, and swear in officers to the board.

Special thanks to Yorba Linda Mayor Beth Haney for administering the oath of office for our board.  Also, we appreciate Yorba Linda Council Member Peggy Huang for attending and her support.

Thank you again to our Host Committee for helping to make the event possible. 

  • Kevin Gillhooley
  • Andrew Hom
  • Christopher Kling, Board of Directors of Greater Laguna Beach GOP
  • Nathan Luxman
  • Borden Moller 
  • Frank Ricchiazzi

Our sincere gratitude to Andrew Quinio for his service and commitment as a board member for eight years.  His willingness to volunteer and his dedication to LCROC is much appreciated and we are grateful for his tenure on the board.  We are looking forward though to Andrew’s continued support for our Pride event.

Much appreciation for the toy donations for the Spark of Love campaign from our attendees.  The Spark of Love campaign provides toys for youth in need across Southern California.  This year we donated enough toys to fill three large boxes. 

Wishing you all the best and a prosperous New Year, with good health and peace to all.


P.C.: D. Borden, J. Merrill, B. Haney